AirgainConnect® Antenna-Modem for FirstNet® MegaRange™ Public Safety and Fleet

AirgainConnect AC-HPUE is the first and only antenna-modem, built for FirstNet® MegaRange™, the high power user equipment (HPUE) solution available on Band 14. The AirgainConnect platform combines a FirstNet Ready™ integrated HPUE LTE modem and antenna assembly in a single enclosure. This rugged vehicle antenna-modem solution meets the most demanding requirements of Public Safety and Fleet vehicles, providing substantially increased performance for critical communications. AC-HPUE delivers the maximum allowable radiated power directly to the LTE antenna elements.

Increased Coverage & Building Penetration

By integrating an HPUE modem within an antenna assembly, AC-HPUE ensures transmission of the maximum allowable radiated power directly to the LTE antenna elements. AirgainConnect’s patented technology eliminates the signal loss over coax cables that run from mobile routers mounted in vehicle compartments to roof-mounted antennas, resulting in increased coverage, higher data rates, and deeper building penetration.

The uplink signal is the weakest link in the cellular connection, which can be problematic in fringe coverage areas or inside buildings, such as parking garages. AC-HPUE increases range and provides a dramatic increase in coverage, delivering the maximum allowable uplink signal possible to keep you connected.

More Power Where It’s Needed

AirgainConnect AC-HPUE 6-in-1 is a rugged outdoor mobile antenna-modem, designed specifically to provide high performance LTE connectivity for Public Safety and Fleet vehicles and assets.

AirgainConnect AC-HPUE provides two high gain Cellular (698 MHz to 2.7 GHz) antennas and one Band 14 cellular antenna (758-798 MHz) powered by a Cat 12, FirstNet Ready HPUE cellular modem. AC-HPUE 6-in-1 also supports two or three high gain tri-band Wi-Fi antennas, including the new 6 GHz ISM band for Wi-Fi 6 (802.11ax), and an active GNSS element inside a single robust and compact housing.

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