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Airgain’s core competency is designing and integrating high performance wireless solutions to maximize device throughput.

Airgain Optimized Solutions

Our process includes the key additional step to measure and optimize actual system level throughput and coverage performance through our proprietary iterative design feedback process. This process considers firmware stability, system noise, interference, and antenna performance to provide a best in class “Airgain Optimized” solution.

Regional Centers of Excellence

Airgain’s research and development centers of excellence are located within its core market sectors in San Diego, CA, Suzhou and Shenzhen, China, and Cambridge, UK. Our regional presence puts us close to our customers, enabling us to work and collaborate more efficiently and to deliver our solutions faster. For more elaborate projects, or during periods of high regional demand, our teams work seamlessly together providing us with development bandwidth flexibility ensuring projects are completed on time and to our customer’s satisfaction.

Custom Engineering Support

Airgain’s Engineers provide custom support in the areas of antenna system design and simulation, rapid prototyping, integration and testing. Our engineers work directly with customers (typically OEM’s and/or ODM’s) to exhaustively evaluate performance impacting factors when developing the optimal antenna solution for each device and application. Antenna-specific characteristics such as gain, efficiency, and coupling are factored during the design process in conjunction with board level factors such as on-board noise and radio interference, together with industrial design and housing constraints.

Trusted Partnerships

Airgain is a trusted supplier and design partner to the world’s leading carriers, chipset providers, ODMs, OEMs, and system designers.

Airgain partners with the world’s leading original equipment and design manufacturers, chipset makers, and global operators. Through our close working relationships with the leading chipset makers for the WLAN we have developed a significant level of expertise in the testing and evaluation of chipset reference designs and systems enabling the relative performance benchmarking between devices. In order to satisfy the rapidly evolving technology needs of the industry, we have remained on the leading edge of next generation development including solutions for Multiple Input, Multiple Output (MIMO), MU-MIMO, beam forming, and active antenna systems.

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