Fleet, M2M, Industrial IoT Antennas (Antenna Plus)

OMNIMAX Dipole Antennas

Airgain external dipole antennas are designed for WLAN, WAN, and LPWAN connectivity in licensed and unlicensed frequency band applications. Airgain delivers customized and off-the-shelf high performance solutions, manufactured for optimum performance and reliability within challenging and diverse applications. With an extensive variety of single and multi-band designs available, this family of dipoles offers superior performance and flexible mounting options for various deployment scenarios including Prosumer level devices. Very high efficiency and omni-directional gain characteristics across 2.4, 5 GHz, LTE, and 5G sub-6GHz cellular bands provide optimal coverage for maximum throughput and range.

Airgain offers a range of N-type external antennas designed for both indoor and outdoor use, in modem, gateway, and small cell connectivity applications. These products are ideal for Industrial IoT and LPWAN communications applications, including LoRa and Sigfox protocols. These antennas feature rugged outdoor UV and salt spray resistant enclosures and connectors designed to provide maintenance free operation in the field.



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Fixed and mobile device and sensor applications for indoor and full weather outdoor use

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Available in a variety of form factors supporting minimalist or maximized industrial design footprint

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Customizable form, material, color options, and branding options

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Direct mounting onto RP-SMA connector or cable feed option

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Single and dual band WLAN operation, single, or dual port feed configurations

Dipole Antennas


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5G Paddle Indoor Antenna


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5G Candlestick Outdoor Antenna

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