Smart Antenna Technology

Airgain has a history of over 10 years of innovation in beamforming and smart antenna technology for the wireless networking market. Airgain designed and patented some of the first commercially shipped smart antenna solutions for wireless LAN, and continues to ship smart antenna systems to the present day. Airgain has filed over 16 US and 14 International patent applications covering smart antenna hardware and software solutions for Wi-Fi, LTE and MIMO applications.

Improving WLAN Connection Signal Quality

Airgain patented Smart Antenna technology is very effective at improving the signal quality of WLAN connections. These smart antennas are optimized to receive signals from single or multiple antenna element systems, dynamically and in real time selecting the optimal configuration maximizing the performance of any given data transmission.

Airgain Smart Antenna switching algorithms can be applied to almost any type of antenna structure. Our smart antenna algorithms power intelligent switching between elements in multi-element antenna systems, however the technology can equally be applied to single element smart antenna systems whereby switching can be used to dynamically re-configure antenna patterns to maximize throughput and coverage for a given environment.

JulesSmart Antenna Technology