Antenna Systems Designed for Maximum Device Throughput

Airgain’s antenna systems enable many of the industry’s highest performing products. The goal of our proprietary design and integration process is to achieve a minimum 30% real world OTA (Over The Air) performance improvement over competing antenna systems – helping to provide our customers with a performance advantage that enables more robust wireless connectivity solutions. Airgain is an antenna solution provider optimizing antenna systems for maximum system device OTA throughput performance as an integral step in the antenna system design and optimization process, enabling higher throughputs for devices in their native real world application.

Airgain recently upgraded a commercially available 55” flat screen smart television with Airgain technology, we increased the probability of the television supporting a wireless (Wi-Fi) 4K UHD content video stream connection (4K UHD requires uplink capacity in the range of 25-50 mbps) by up to 100%.

Common antenna industry practice is to design antennas exclusively within a passive environment, using simulation tools based on the assumption of free space. These tools work well for outdoor antenna systems where the application more closely resembles that of free space, however does not work well for today’s crowded in-home applications. The modern in-home environment is a highly complex multipath environment that is not accurately represented by antenna simulation tools.

Airgain designs antenna systems for in-home applications using a combination of device and environment modeling, with active antenna Over the Air (OTA) throughput performance feedback, providing our customers with high device throughputs where it counts – in their intended in-home or in-office environment.

Airgain works with its customers to achieve system level and interoperability performance goals and to manage system performance inhibitors such as RF interference and channel changes to interoperability issues between different chipsets. Through a variety of proven test methods, we are able to determine the most effective antenna system design and orientation for any given home or enterprise application.

JulesAntenna System Designed for Maximum Device Throughput