Citizens Broadband Radio Service


CBRS (Citizens Broadband Radio Service) is a new private LTE network option available on the 3.5 GHz band that opens exciting opportunities for enhanced coverage and capacity. The availability of this mid-band spectrum bridges the gap between public and private LTE networks, which enables organizations to offer connectivity for enterprise applications that require higher throughput and wider coverage. The governing rules to access this new band bring the power of LTE technology to small networks where generally only Wi-Fi could compete. Airgain developed the world’s first Over-the-Air test system to evaluate the performance of CBRS antennas embedded into consumer devices utilizing stop motion turntables and advanced automation. As a result, we have successfully integrated CBRS antenna systems across a wide range of applications.

Airgain Smartmax Embedded Antenna

Embedded Q-Series CBRS Antenna

A single feed antenna providing CBRS + C Band coverage from 3.3 GHz to 4.2 GHz in a very compact form factor. This ‘Double Infinite Balun’ balanced antenna is designed to provide optimal performance in ‘noisy’ device enclosures, providing built-in noise rejection.

Airgain AntennaPlus OMNIMAX Indoor Dipole Antenna

External CBRS & C Band Omni Dipole Antenna

The add-on 5G NR external antenna series, with high performance low gain and high gain design, supports both indoor and outdoor applications and is ideal for small cell or indoor or outdoor CPE solutions.

Airgain CBRS High Gain Panel Antenna

CBRS & C Band High Gain Panel Array Reference Antenna

Customizable add-on 5G NR high gain antenna array solution that offers flexible design options for embedded integrated or standalone applications. Multiple gain and bandwidth options for indoor or outdoor CPE solutions.

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