Antenna Integration

Our proven approach to antenna system design, integration, and testing of embedded antenna solutions have made us a leader in the residential WLAN antenna market.

The core focus of our proprietary antenna integration process remains performance optimization across factors that affect end users. Throughput (usable bandwidth), reliability, and cost represent three key metrics for optimization. We have been designing and evaluating wireless antenna solutions for 802.11-based WLAN devices since our inception in 2004. We have gained industry leading expertise in the testing and evaluation of wireless systems to determine relative performance differences between devices, and have developed a proprietary set of performance metrics, measurement methodologies, and test conditions to enable measuring and predicting the relative performance of 802.11 WLAN devices and networks at the component and application level.

There are many and varied challenges to integrating the optimal antenna system for maximized wireless performance for a device. Every aspect of the device design impacts the performance of the antenna system and ultimately the device itself. We work side by side with our customers as trusted advisors during the design process – providing system level design feedback and support from the inception of a project through to the successful validation of the final ID, ensuring reduced design cycles and the best possible performance outcome.

Case Study: Set Top Box Integration

An OEM asked Airgain to redesign the antenna system of a current IPTV set top device which was failing a carrier’s throughput performance requirements

Airgain Solution

  • Airgain used proprietary OTA testing methodology to assess and measure the current design’s performance
  • Developed multiple antenna designs and evaluated them against carrier performance criteria in Airgain test facilities
  • Final Airgain antenna system provided more even coverage and placement diversity, increasing device performance up to 70%

Customer Outcome

  • OEM selected the highest performance antenna system
  • Design was verified in Carrier test facilities, where performance duplicated Airgain test results
  • Airgain’s design passed Carrier’s stringent performance tests, resulting in OEM winning 100% of Carrier business and increased orders

OUTCOME: Airgain antenna solution provided 100% share win for leading OEM.

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