5G NR: C Band & mmWave

High Performance 5G Antenna Solutions

New 5G frequency spectrum will enable overcrowded bandwidth to be avoided, allowing for higher speeds and reducing the impact of interference. 5G NR (5G New Radio) introduces different frequency ranges, FR1 which includes sub-6 GHz frequency bands (including CBRS and LAA), and FR2 which includes mmWave bands from 24.25 GHz to 52.6 GHz along beamforming antenna arrays for spatial multiplexing. 5G mmWave will enable a dramatic shift in the capabilities of wireless connectivity. The development and testing of antenna systems to support higher frequencies presents a unique set of challenges – from the beamforming capabilities required in antennas to the propagation characteristics of 5G mmWave frequency bands.


Airgain 5G NR Bands Infographic

As a leader in the antenna market and a pioneer of new testing protocols, Airgain is heavily invested in the success of 5G through the development of antenna technology and products supporting 5G FR1 and FR2 massive MIMO beamforming architecture to ensure our partners get the best real-world performance for their products.


Custom and Integrated 5G NR Antenna Solutions

Airgain’s new 5G NR FR1 antenna family features four new designs, including customizable solutions to match the needs of a range of equipment use cases

Embedded Global Broadband Antenna

A single feed antenna structure that covers all 5G NR sub 6 GHz FR1 and 4G LTE bands from 600 MHz to 6 GHz. A truly global antenna that helps ensure customers won’t have issues with coverage – they can cover the entire spectrum with a single antenna. Suitable for a range of use cases, including fixed wireless gateways or cellular mobile devices.

Embedded Q-Series CBRS Antenna

From our Profile Embedded Q-Series Antenna family, a single feed antenna providing CBRS + C Band coverage from 3.3 GHz to 4.2 GHz in a very compact 27.0 x 9.0 x 0.5mm form factor. This ‘Double Infinite Balun’ balanced antenna is designed to provide optimal performance in ‘noisy’ device enclosures, providing built-in noise rejection, and improving overall RF system performance. Suitable for a range of use cases, including fixed wireless gateway or cellular mobile devices.

External CBRS & C Band High Performance Omni Dipole Antenna

The add-on 5G NR external antenna series, with high performance low gain and high gain design, supports both indoor and outdoor applications and is ideal for small cell or indoor/outdoor CPE solutions.

CBRS & C Band High Gain Panel Array Reference Antenna

Customizable add-on 5G NR high gain antenna array solution that offers flexible design options for embedded integrated or standalone applications. Multiple gain and bandwidth options for indoor or outdoor CPE solutions.

Airgain High Band (mmWave) Solutions

Small Cell mmWave Antenna & Modem

The ability to connect ultra high band data rates from outside a home or building to the inside is a key challenge for 5G mmWave technology. Airgain’s 5G mmWave antenna design portfolio provides multiple Fixed Wireless Access (FWA) solutions to help solve last meter challenges.

5G mmWave Antenna Solution Model

Fixed Wireless Access Antenna

Airgain and MaxLinear have collaborated to provide solutions for penetrating building walls and energy efficient windows with low-e metallic coatings. Utilizing Airgain’s compact antenna solution, MaxLinear’s AirPHY system combines antennas on both sides of a wall or glass to provide near field coupling. This eliminates the need for broadband service providers to drill holes into their customer’s home for multi-gigabit 5G fixed wireless data connections.

5G mmWave FWA Antenna

5G mmWave Testing Capability

Airgain’s new 5G and 60GHz WiGig 802.11ay laboratory is designed to rigorously test the challenges inherent in mmWave bands in order to quickly identify issues and enable fast design improvements. Our lab is engineered with the following key features:

  • mmWave radio performance testing from 24 GHz to 65 GHz
  • Capabilities to test the full range of mmWave systems (including fixed and adaptive beamforming arrays) for small cells, enterprise access points, fixed wireless access, and CPE
  • The test chamber provides S-parameter, gain, polarization, and a wealth of other radiation pattern characteristics for both free space and embedded antennas

The 5G mmWave test lab ensures our partners get the best real-world performance from their antenna designs by leveraging Airgain’s state-of-the-art test facilities and protocols.

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