OmniMax External High Performance Antennas


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  • Airgain external dipole antennas are designed for indoor and outdoor WLAN and Small cell applications. With an extensive variety of single and dual-band designs available, this family of dipoles offers superior performance and flexible mounting options for various deployment scenarios including Prosumer level devices. Very high efficiency and omni-directional gain characteristics across 2.4, 5 GHz, and LTE cellular bands provide optimal coverage for maximum throughput and range.

    • Available in a variety of form factors supporting minimalist or maximized industrial design footprints

    • Customizable form, material, color options, and branding options

    • Direct mounting onto RP-SMA connector or cable feed option

    • Single and dual band WLAN operation, single or dual port feed configurations

    Contact Airgain to learn which antenna solutions fit your design specifications.

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