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  • Airgain has developed a series of multi-band LTE and WLAN antennas for small cell systems including Femtocells, Picocells, Wi-Fi hotspots, Wi-Fi backhaul, and community Wi-Fi systems, providing increased range and coverage. These embedded antennas have been designed for indoor or outdoor applications demanding Carrier-grade service levels, where complex issues such as coexistence and isolation between wireless standards in close proximity need to be tightly controlled. MaxBeam™ Carrier Class antennas achieve the best performance in the smallest possible form factor to minimize the urban landscape footprint.

    • Omni-directional and high gain directional array configurations

    • Multi-frequency, multi-standard support with customizable footprint & integration options

    • Patented design options for increased coverage and operational stability

    • Expanding technologies enable solutions for in-flight Wi-Fi, M2M, Smart Grid, and more

    Pioneer in Smart Antenna Technology

    Airgain is an industry leader in the design and integration of high performance smart antenna solutions for wireless networking applications.

    Airgain designed and patented one of the first commercially shipping smart antenna solutions for the WLAN market, effectively improving signal quality and accelerating streaming applications. Airgain owns a comprehensive IP portfolio of smart and embedded antenna patents, including smart antenna selection and switching, and has filed over 16 US and 14 International patent applications covering smart antenna hardware and software solutions for Wi-Fi, LTE, and MIMO applications.

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