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Panasonic Antennas by Airgain

Panasonic Airgain Partner Soltuions

We provide antenna solutions for many of the Panasonic rugged laptops/tablets interfaces. To order antennas, please contact your Panasonic channel directly.



Double Wi-Fi Antenna for the Panasonic Arbitrator Video Solution


AP-PAN W for Panasonic

Wi-Fi Antenna for Panasonic Body Cam Solutions

MULTIMAX FV 3-in-1 for Panasonic CF-20

MULTIMAX FV 3-in-1 for Panasonic CF-20

High Performance External Antenna designed for Panasonic

Multimax External Antenna - Airgain

MULTIMAX FV 2-in-1 for Panasonic CF-33 or any Panasonic device that includes dedicated GPS

Single Cell LTE and GNSS Sharkfin IP65 Antenna

Contact Airgain to learn which antenna products and solutions fit your design specifications