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    Antenna-modems, pioneered by Airgain, are an innovative new device category that integrates an active radio modem directly with external antennas within the same enclosure. In vehicular installations the signal strength fades significantly as it flows to and from the modem, typically located in the trunk of a vehicle. The loss is significant in most installations where 16 foot cable runs are typical, resulting in the loss of over 2dBm.
    Recovering lost power is only possible by taking an innovative approach to integrating radio components directly into an assembly that contains an external antenna.

    As a result, the antenna-modem provides a significant boost in signal power exiting the vehicle. For example, the additional gain of the AirgainConnect antenna-modem with integrated HPUE yields a total improvement of 1000% over a legacy Band 14 mobile router radio module and antenna restricted to lower Power Class 3 levels.

    Airgain has 25+ years of experience designing mission critical automotive fleet and mobile antenna applications. As the original inventor of the low-profile cellular antenna, we are known for our market leading performance, quality, and long product life. Airgain’s antennas build on the best in class RF performance, leading design features, and extended operational life of our highly successful Public Safety and Fleet antenna products connecting to almost any vehicular router or modem.

    Multi-Band High Power LTE Antenna-Modem


    Fixed Wireless Access Multi-Band High Power LTE Antenna-Modem


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