Wireless LAN

Airgain is a leading provider of embedded antenna technologies used to enable wireless networking across a broad range of WLAN devices used throughout the home and in enterprise. Both consumer and enterprise applications in the WLAN market are in a period of expansion, driven by the global transition from the older 802.11n wireless standard to the new 802.11ac standard. 802.11ac is faster, and requires a greater number of antennas per device which imposes more advanced wireless system and antenna designs within an ever-shrinking device footprint.

Going forward new wireless protocols such as 802.11ax will continue to push the throughput ceiling upward, further relying on an optimal antenna system to enable performance as close to the theoretical maximum as possible. Airgain has a broad range of embedded and external antenna solutions for Wireless LAN routers and access points, and is the industry expert in throughput optimized antenna solutions for Wi-Fi applications. Airgain has a proven history of working with OEM’s and ODM’s to integrate throughput optimized antenna solutions resulting in the industry’s best Wi-Fi performance.

Airgain’s enterprise WLAN solutions help to meet the industry challenge of requiring a consistent and improved throughput experience.

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