Smart TV

The global smart TV market is expected to grow at a rate of over 30% over the coming years, driven by thinner, larger, curvier, brighter, and ever higher definition displays packed with bandwidth hungry applications. Consumers expect error free wireless 4K and Ultra high definition streaming to their Smart TV’s which demands optimal performance Wi-Fi.

Airgain is experiencing a tremendous uptick in demand for antenna systems for 4K and UHD display TV’s. As a key supplier to these next generation TVs, we are constantly developing new antenna solutions and shipping millions of integrated antenna systems for this segment per year. Airgain is an expert at dealing with the wireless challenges presented by large Smart TV’s. Existing locations for antennas are disappearing as narrow bezel popularity increases, so new and innovative antenna systems are needed to obtain optimal end user performance. Airgain has experience designing and integrating antenna systems for large Smart TV’s with optimal front of screen Wi-Fi coverage while providing the highest possible throughput performance.

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