Fixed Wireless Access (FWA)

The AirgainConnect FirstNet Ready™ AC-HPUE-FWA antenna-modem is ideal for pole mount applications where a reliable fixed wireless connection is required. It comes pre-assembled with an IP67 rated pole-mount NEMA enclosure for SCADA and includes the following: 

  • Antenna-modem attached to a waterproof housing with the Ethernet Injector inside
  • Industrial grade FirstNet SIM card installed
  • Wall-mount AC power adapter
  • Mounting bracket with clamps for attaching to a pole
  • USA factory ensures fast turnaround for customizations
  • Water-tight power cable
  • Standard 10 meter power cable length
  • Custom power cable lengths are available

AirgainConnect® AC-HPUE™ FWA

Fixed Wireless Access Multi-Band High Power LTE Antenna-Modem

The uplink signal is the weakest link in an LTE connection: without uplink, the user gets no service. This can be problematic in fringe coverage areas or inside buildings such as parking structures. Airgain’s AC-HPUE-FWA high power user equipment (HPUE), built for FirstNet® MegaRange™, delivers the maximum allowed radiated power directly to the LTE antenna for the strongest possible uplink signal.

AirgainConnect’s patented technology eliminates coaxial cable loss from the router to the antenna, providing up to 10 times the transmit power when compared to a router and conventional modem. The result is greater coverage range, deeper building penetration, and higher data throughput at the edge of the network on all bands.

AC-HPUE-FWA provides multi-band LTE antennas with a dedicated band 14 LTE antenna. It attaches directly to the router WAN port via Ethernet data cable.