Market Applications

Connecting the World through Performance-Enhancing Antenna Systems & Integrated Wireless Solutions

Airgain is a leading provider of advanced antenna technologies for high performance wireless networking across a broad range of devices and markets, including consumer, enterprise, and automotive. Our antennas serve diverse applications in carrier, fleet, enterprise, residential, private, government, and public-safety networks.

We fit each antenna solution to the needs of the customer, with a relentless focus on performance: given a customer’s design constraints, our engineers meet the challenge to deliver optimal solutions. This commitment has established us as a recognized leader in the design, engineering, and testing of advanced wireless systems.  Delivering high performance, ultra-reliable wireless connectivity is what we do.


First Responders & Public Safety


Aftermarket & Fleet


Industrial IoT (IIoT)


Fixed Wireless Access (FWA)


Customer Premise Equipment (CPE)


Enterprise Class Systems

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