Senior Antenna Engineer


This position is responsible for designing antenna systems and is based in San Diego.

Essential Job Functions

  • Design innovative and improved antenna systems that integrate into complex projects.
  • Address integration issues before they arise, in collaboration with Field Application Engineers, Customers, and Engineering.
  • Work within a channel between customer designs and Airgain solutions.
  • Leading new technology developments and build a portfolio of advance antenna solution to be used for next generation radio systems.
  • Reduce time-to-market by developing solutions that enable Airgain to stay ahead of its competitors.
  • Represent Airgain interests by collaborating with the area business team.
  • *Other duties as required

Knowledge/Skill/Ability Requirements

  • Education level: PhD degree in Antenna Engineering (highly preferred), Engineering, or Physics. MS degree in Engineering or Physics may be combined with relevant experience.
  • Experience level: minimum 5 years of experience in cellular and mm-wave antenna design.
  • Solid knowledge on EM, antennas, transmission line theory, matching circuits, active and passive RF circuit design, PCB technology. Understand mechanical constraints in antenna designs.
  • Experience with EM simulation tools such as CST or HFSS as well as implementation of matching circuits
  • Familiarity with EM propagation in multipath environments, channel models and MIMO
  • Experience with device integration and resolving complex integration issues in embedded systems.
  • Hands-on approach in performing measurements of S-parameters, antenna radiation patterns and other RF parameters
  • Aptitude for building prototypes of PCBs, antennas and other components using tools such as milling machines, 3D printers and soldering irons
  • Data post-processing using Python or Matlab and creating test reports will also be part of the daily tasks
  • Experience working with modules design is a plus.
  • Must be able to travel both domestically and internationally, as needed. Must have the ability to obtain and hold a valid passport.
  • Ability to deliver projects on-time.

Employment Type



Please send your resume and a cover letter to if you wish to be considered for this position.

Kate StonelySenior Antenna Engineer