Case Study: QT Pod

CASE STUDY: QT Petroleum on Demand

The Airgain® M2MAX™ Antenna Delivers Big Savings and High Performance for Next Generation Self-Service Fuel Terminals

The Challenge:

Older generations of self-serve fuel terminals in the aviation and marine industries used dial-up data connections which limited reliability. Enhanced connectivity was needed so terminals could use cloud-based tools, which provide far greater access to vital information. When it was time for QT Petroleum on Demand™ (QT POD) to upgrade its network and transition to next generation modems, it needed the best antenna solution for connecting to the Internet to enable wireless payment processing. Having found that larger antenna footprints would not work, any new external antenna products needed to be compact and low profile. Leveraging LTE or Wi-Fi was a natural fit for its M-4000 NextGen™ of self-serve fuel terminals, and new antenna solutions needed to be highly reliable, cost-effective, weather resistant, and provide multiple communications options.


The Customer:

QT POD has set the standard for self-service fueling in the aviation and marine industries for over 25 years. With over 1,600 installations throughout the world, its fuel management systems are designed to operate in any climate. In 2017, it introduced the M-4000 – the next generation of self-serve fueling terminals. The M-4000 offers many new advancements including multiple communications options for cellular, Wi-Fi, and Ethernet.


The Solution:

Airgain’s M2MAX™ CC AP-M2M1 is a rugged outdoor antenna designed specifically for M2M applications and was a perfect fit for QT POD’s M-4000. This antenna provides superior performance and is available in the following three configurations: 2×2 MIMO LTE, one LTE plus one high gain Wi-Fi, or two high gain Wi-Fi antennas inside a single robust and compact housing. Providing market-leading RF performance, extended product life, customizable cable lengths, ease of integration, and a high level of UV and weather resistance, the M2MAX requires no servicing throughout its lifetime.


The Outcome:

Once the M2MAX was integrated, tested, and deployed on M-4000 terminals, it provided the ideal solution for QT POD’s upgrade requirements, including:

• The M2MAX delivered multiple communications options to QT POD for enabling wireless payment processing, which provided ROI savings by reducing the need for multiple antennas.

• Now QT POD can install their self-serve fuel terminals in some of the most remote locations and still have a highly reliable signal.

• In addition to the M2MAX housing being compact and low profile for easy integration, its rugged and weather resistant exterior can withstand severe environmental conditions.

When we initially transitioned from 3G to 4G modems, the footprint of larger antennas did not work for us. This is where Airgain stepped in and helped us with the deployment of the M2M1 antenna. Not only did the new M2M1 antennas fit like a dream, they also delivered big savings. Aesthetically, the new streamlined M2M1 looks great on our M-4000 terminal. We can now offer multiple communications methods with the power of the Airgain antennas.”

Jack Broderick – Operations Manager, QT POD
Kate StonelyCase Study: QT Pod