Case Study: Platform Science

CASE STUDY: Platform Science

Custom 4-in-1 Antenna Delivers Optimized Connectivity for Platform Science’s Enterprise IoT Fleet Management Systems

The Challenge:

The fleet trucking industry recently shifted from manual paper documentation to electronic logging devices (ELD), which became a requirement for most U.S. truck drivers to electronically record their Hours of Service (HOS). Beginning in December 2017, managers of enterprise truck fleets were required to comply with ELD by installing fleet management systems in their trucks. With these improvements in record-keeping, Platform Science works with hardware partners to enable the integration of data from different applications wirelessly connected to the truck. To ensure real time communication between applications, trucks, and customers, Platform Science required high performance connectivity and support for MIMO LTE, GPS, and Wi-Fi, in an unobtrusive interior antenna.


The Customer:

Platform Science is an innovative enterprise-grade fleet management platform for the transportation and logistics industry. Platform Science’s future-first integrated solutions enable customers and developers to access valuable transportation data in context, and in real time. The company’s open platform is designed to equip customers with the flexibility and control to easily integrate innovative third-party applications.


The Solution:

Airgain worked closely with Platform Science over several months to address key functional and performance requirements, resulting in a custom 4-in-1 antenna. The solution helps enterprise fleet customers and drivers meet ELD requirements in addition to providing telematics and vehicle data. ULTRAMAX GLASS is a multi-mount antenna equipped with four ports, designed specifically to provide high performance connectivity for fleet and public safety vehicles and assets. It offers up to two high gain cellular/LTE/MIMO antennas, which include support for LTE Band 14 for FirstNet and a high gain Wi-Fi, and a GPS antenna inside a single robust and compact housing.


The Outcome:

Through the process of design, testing, and deployment, Platform Science and Airgain identified the ULTRAMAX GLASS antenna as a crucial component of the ELD system. In addition to turning fleet vehicles into an IoT hub with a built-in device that connects to the Airgain antenna, this solution meets the many needs of Platform Science’s fleet management platform, including:

• ULTRAMAX GLASS enables reliable communications of critical information and supports edge computing to allow real time monitoring of key metrics like HOS and vehicle performance.

• The antenna solution provides high performance connectivity that supports MIMO LTE, GPS, and Wi-Fi, allowing for the ability to connect to most vehicular routers and modems.

• ULTRAMAX GLASS provides a sleek form factor that supports multiple in-cabin mounting choices and has a unique low profile with a small footprint.

Platform Science is changing the fleet trucking industry with a platform that enables easy integration of essential capabilities into a single solution that relies on multi-faceted wireless connectivity to deliver maximum impact. Airgain’s ULTRAMAX GLASS resulted in a best-in-class connectivity component for providing critical information to ensure our customers’ compliance.”

Jeff Hall – VP, Customer Support/Field Engineering, Platform Science
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